Job Action Day 2102: Best Branding Tips from the Personal Branding Blog #JAD2012

Top personal-branding tips from the Personal Branding Blog contributors …

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A career is no longer a race up the ladder – it’s a collection of experiences. Those who have experienced the most have a competitive advantage over those who remain stagnant. – Dan Schawbel
Your personal brand is about your audience — and what you can do for them — NOT about you. – Rebecca Rapple
Qualify the best match for your interests and talents to move in integrity with your personal brand and find the best matched job delivering a good outcome for everyone. – Elinor Stutz
Personal branding is about more than having a cool website or a nice picture on your profile. It’s about creating fans who will vouch for you because of their personal experiences with the quality of your work. – Michael Spinale
The strongest way to brand yourself in an interview is by the quality of questions you ask. – Skip Freeman
Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. – Jun Loayza
Use a blog you own as an online personal-branding hub and have all your social-media profiles refer to it. – Jacob Share
Creating a lasting personal brand is about taking action and getting results; to know and not to do is not to know. – Aaron McDaniel
Don’t brand yourself as a commodity … Instead brand yourself as a superior candidate the solution to that individual hiring manager’s unique problems. – Phil Rosenberg
Companies come and go but you will always have your personal brand so tend to it with affection. – Manoush Zomorodi
Write with clarity and simplicity. – Roger C. Parker
Focus your personal-branding strategy on showing your potential customer/employer that you understand the problems they are facing and know how to solve them. – Katie Konrath
Ask not what your company can do for you but what you can do for your company! – Beth Kuhel
Make values your brand’s guiding light – Oscar Del Santo
Live your values. – Jeff Shuey
Let your branding reflect itself in your business policies not just in your visual collateral. – Kristen Fischer
Write well. The best way for people to get to know you online is by how and what you write. If your writing is not very good their opinion of you will not be very high. – Erik Deckers
Looks matter in-person on paper and online so take your presentation seriously at all times. – Pete Leibman
Never let anyone define you. Discovering your personal brand is your job. Take the time to delve into what makes you unique what your niche is and what your purpose is and get very good at communicating that consistently online and offline. – Maria Elena Duron
Question whether your personal habits attitude and relationship skills get in the way of people liking you because likeability is the foundation for a winning personal brand. – Nance Rosen
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