It’s Best to Include Months with Resume Dates

Nikki writes:
MonthsWhen you state the dates for each employment period on a resume is it OK to just use the full years (e.g. 2006-2008) or should you specify the month as well (e.g. June 2006 – Nov. 2008)?

I’ve been struggling to figure out what is better and more effective from the reader’s point of view.

I graduated undergraduate in 2008 and I’ve heard people say that it depends on how long you’ve been working for but I wasn’t sure if that was true or not.

The Career Doctor responds:
Many job-seekers use just years but my partner Katharine Hansen found when she researched a book on resume-writing that employers really want to see the months too. Using months is the safest bet.

The length of time since graduation makes no difference.