It’s a “Chicken or the Egg†Job-Search Dilemma

Anonymous writes:
I have sort of a chicken vs. the egg kind of situation. I love my job but I hate
where I live. I really want to move in the next year. I want to give my bosses
more than the standard two weeks’ notice but I worry if I tell them too soon they
will find someone to replace me before I find a new job. I also want to be able to
use my current supervisors as references and we are on very good terms.
Should I tell them I want to move “sometime later this year” and ask how
much notice they would like and ask for references in my job search or should I
keep quiet until I have a job offer in writing and tell them I’m leaving and have
the new employers not contact my current one for references? Help!

The Career Doctor responds:
The safest solution to your current situation is to job-hunt confidentially.
I’ve found that even the most understanding and wonderful bosses can
sometimes turn mean and nasty once they realize you are no longer loyal
to them or the organization.
You could of course test the waters — if you truly believe you have a
great relationship. When I was a manager one of my goals was to give
the resources to the people who worked for me so that they could move
ahead in their careers — whether with the company or outside it. I never
saw one of my employees as a traitor for wanting to advance their
careers — so if you have bosses like me then they might actually
help you in your search.
Thus you could casually raise the point about being sick of living where
you do and that you may need a change of scenery… and gauge their
reactions. If they bristle at your comment then stop right there and keep
your search confidential. However if they seem understanding to your
concerns you might try adding that you may need to search for a new
job in a new city — even though it would break your heart to leave your
current bosses and current company. And again watch and interpret
their reactions before you reveal any more information.
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