Is There a Way to See Termination Coming?

Anonymous writes:
How can you tell if you are slowly being sabotaged out
of a position? My phone skills were given as one of the
reasons which is just crazy. If anything I have been told by my peers and
bosses that that is one of my strengths. Needless to say I was shocked.
There are many other things that almost seem out of Watergate that I won’t
go into. I just want to know if there could have been a way I could have seen
this coming? Thank you.

The Career Doctor responds:
Unfortunately bad bosses are everywhere and perhaps yours has gone
over the deep end. I still remember one of my bosses from years ago who
would stand sentry in the main office hallway starting at 4:30 in an attempt
to “catch” anyone trying to leave early. What a good use of his salary.
One study found that almost 80 percent of the employees surveyed identified
their boss as a lousy manager. And almost 70 percent in that study
conducted by Delta Road stated that their immediate superior had “no clue”
what to do to become a good manager. Author Harvey Hornstein Ph.D.
estimates that 90 percent of the U.S. work force has been subjected to
abusive behavior at some time. He bases his conclusions on a survey of
nearly 1000 workers over eight years.
My best advice to you would be to document everything: document all your
past positive reviews and comments — and all the odd behaviors. I would
also look back and reflect if you can pinpoint a situation where the boss
changed from supportive to awful.
If you have a mentor within the company I would also solicit his or her help
and opinion. At some point possibly toward the point of leaving I would
also contact the human-resources department not to help your situation
but perhaps to protect others.
For better or worse the best advice is probably to update your resume
contact folks in your network and begin the job search — because your days
are probably numbered at your current employer.
If you want more advice in dealing with a bad boss read my article
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Bad Boss: Strategies for Coping
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