Is Summer Camp to Help with College-Application Process Worthwhile?

Kelly writes:
I am a college-bound teen — I hope — and am interested in your opinion about the
value of me attending a summer camp to help me with the whole college-choice
college-application process. What are your thoughts?

The Career Doctor responds:
I remember when summer camps used to places for hiking swimming sitting
around the campfire and other fun activities — and while there are still camps
like this — a growing number of college and career prep camps are
offered to high-school students from around the country.
In the increasingly competitive college admissions process some high school
students such as yourself — or your parents — are turning to college-bound programs
offered by a variety of traditional and academic camps. And according to the
American Camping Association the number of member camps offering academics
has grown about 15 percent over the last few years.
Students and parents are looking for that extra edge whether in finding the perfect
college writing the admissions application and essay or mastering one of the
standardized admissions tests are turning to both traditional camps that are
adding academic enrichment programs and college-prep camps located on
college campuses around the country.
These college-prep camps are expensive but they are sold as a small investment
into a very important decision… most of these camps costs several thousands of
dollars for two- to four-week sessions.
Should you consider one of these camps? If you are considering some of the
most prestigious colleges in the country then these camps could help you in
better understanding and better preparing for the admissions process but if
you are planning to attend one of the vast majority of colleges that fall in the
middle (or lower) of the rankings then it might make more sense to use the
resources already available to you at school in books and online.
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