Is She in the Right Major?

Jodi writes:
I was studying clothing textiles and fashion merchandising at New Mexico State University. I moved to California and transferred to Chapman University. I am now studying graphic design. I would like to do magazine layouts and become a creative director. Am I enrolled in the correct major? Should I combine graphic design with journalism and advertising classes?

The Career Doctor responds:
I don’t really know enough about the program at Chapman to give you a definitive answer but I would most definitely suggest taking journalism and advertising classes — possibly even getting a minor in one of those areas if possible. Talk to your adviser and other professors.
Since you’re close to L.A. one of the major publishing cities in the U.S. I would suggest trying to set up some informational interviews with art directors at various consumer and trade magazines. What are informational interviews? They are interviews you conduct with key personnel in the field of your interest to learn more about how you can get a job in the field what educational background is required and more. Read much more in our Informational Interviewing Tutorial.


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