Is He Being Blacklisted?

John writes:
I have gotten nowhere in my job search. I have tried everything I could think of and every idea I could find in books and on the Internet. None of it has worked — I don’t even get telephone interviews.
Is there some sort of black list keeping me from being considered?

The Career Doctor responds:
John I can honestly say I am sure you have not been blacklisted though in some tightly knit industries there is the possibility that your reputation may be affecting your ability to get a job. I doubt that is really the case here. Instead I think the problem lies in a few different areas. But before I get to what I think your problems are I strongly suggest you read my partner’s article Ten Questions to Ask Yourself if You Still Haven’t Found a Job published on the Quintessential Careers site.
Okay back to your specific situation. First there are no magic formulas that get you a new job. Job-hunting is often a long-term project that takes a lot of sweat and effort. There is a misconception that even in the best markets all people can easily find a new job in a short period of time.
Second there is a sense of disappointment or failure that some job-seekers get when discouraged about their job prospects. I truly believe those vibes can easily be detected by potential employers turning them off to your potential.
Third I think you need to re-evaluate your entire job-hunting strategy. I suggest talking with a close friend or colleague a career counselor or someone in the career services office at your alma mater. You need to have an objective opinion about your search — and while I qualify I simply do not have enough information to make a judgment.
Fourth just from the one line in your letter I can say that you may be misunderstanding the use of networking. It’s not really about building a rapport with the hiring manager — that’s what interviewing is all about; rather it’s about building a circle of contacts that know your current situation and want to help you succeed in finding a new job. You should read my article Networking Your Way to a New Job.
Best of luck.
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