Is He a Workaholic?

Mark writes:
I have a problem that is kind of work related but more to do with my family.
I love my job and my company seems to really appreciate me. My problem is
that my wife complains that I am simply not home enough and calls me a
workaholic. She keeps making comments like “I think you love your work more
than me.” That’s not true but I have been known to forget some dinners and other
stuff when I am deeply involved in a project at work. I don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

The Career Doctor responds:
Because of a number of factors — part societal part financial and part technological –
many people are working harder and longer than ever before. Add a longer commute for
some workers and you have a situation where you could be away from home more than
you’re there… and that sounds like the situation you face.
But are you a workaholic? Loving your job and working hard at it does not make you a
workaholic. But when your job begins to consume you and becomes your main reason
for being then you need to distance yourself from the situation and take a hard look
at yourself. You must strive for a balance between work and life.
How do you know if you’re a workaholic? If you find most of the following statements to
be true then please seek help.

  1. Just about all my friends are co-workers.
  2. Most of my conversations whether at home or at work revolve around .
  3. I don’t have any interest nor time for hobbies.
  4. I am working more hours than I ever have in the past.
  5. If I do take vacation time I always check in with my employer regularly.
  6. My family complains that I never make time for them.
  7. The more I work the more money I make and thus the better I can provide for my family.
  8. I have not taken a sick day or personal day in years — or ever.
  9. I almost always take work home with me.
  10. When I do spend time at home I can usually be found in my home-office doing work.

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