Is an E-Mailed Thank-You Letter OK?

Dorothy writes:
After an initial or second interview is it appropriate to email a thank you and follow-up note or must you type a letter and mail?

The Career Doctor responds:
Here’s your answer: it depends.
But more important than delivery method is the fact that you are sending a thank-you note! While career experts differ on whether thank you notes should be typed
or hand-written mailed or emailed on plain paper or on note paper they all agree
on one thing: that job-seekers who send the thank you notes will have an edge –
however slight — over job-seekers who do not bother to take the time send one.
My advice is to take the cue from the employer. If all the people you’ve interviewed
with have given you their email addresses and the culture seems to be one where
people depend on email then send your thank you electronically — it will get there
faster and have an immediate impact. If the culture seems to be one of more traditional
communications methods then consider either mailing your thank you notes — or hand-delivering them (yourself or through a messenger service) to the employer. And even
with an email thank you you might also send a hard copy.
Remember to tailor your letter to the culture of the company and the relationship you
established with the person(s) who interviewed you.
Read more in this article from Quintessential Careers:
FAQs About Thank You Letters.


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