Is a Two-Page Resume OK?

Vince writes:
I have a question about resumes. I am a manager with several years of
experience with one company. I have been approached about a couple of
interesting job opportunities that I want to explore so I am working on my
resume. I am having a hard time keeping my resume to one page and I was
wondering if you could tell me whether it was ok to go to two pages. Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:
The one-page resume rule used to be in effect
but no longer — and especially not for someone with your experience.
Better than cramming all your information on one page go to a second
page. I recently saw a resume that was written in 9-point type (very
small) with almost no margins… it looked like some densely worded
document (which it was) that no one would want to read.
So revert those page margins back to standard levels and push that
type size back up to normal viewing (typically 10-12 pt.) and go to a
second page. Just remember two rules about doing so. First make sure
you have a header on the second page that identifies that is your resume
(Vince Smith p. 2) and make sure that you use at least half of the
second page.
In fact some resume experts now say that a resume should be as long as
necessary and the more senior a job-seeker the longer the resume.
Other resume tips:

  • Always focus on accomplishments and how you contributed to the employer
    rather than on your duties and responsibilities. And quantify those accomplishments
    whenever possible.
  • If you’re a new college grad a two-page resume is acceptable if you have a
    lot of internships and other work experience although I still prefer to see most
    new grads with a one-page resume.

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