Interviewing for Internal Position

Michael writes:
I have an upcoming interview within my company. There will be internal and external applicants applying. I was told by my manager I was the leading candidate for the position. I will be interviewed by 3 managers with my manager as 1 of the 3. My question is: If I do poorly on the interview will they bypass me over for someone else or is the job mine no matter what happens on the interview.

The Career Doctor responds:
There are two situations in which employers interview internal candidates for a position — one is to simply reward a long-time employee (with no intention of offering the position to him or her) and the other is to attempt to promote from within (but also interview some external applicants to see what the entire field looks like). It sounds as though
you are in the latter example.
Thus it appears as though the job may be yours to lose which is a pretty darn good position to be in but one not to take lightly. You have the advantage of your experience with the company and having your current manager as one of the decision-makers but you need to stay focused and be prepared to answer why you would be the best candidate for the position. If you haven’t interviewed in a while I suggest you take some time to go through all or part of our Job Interviewing Tutorial.
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