How to Train for a Career in Fashion Journalism

Christine writes:
I am interested in a career in fashion design fashion merchandising and fashion journalism. I know I can take courses in fashion design
and merchandising at community colleges but I didn’t see any courses
in fashion journalism. Would I just need to take a regular journalism
course and also the courses I need to take to do fashion design and
merchandising to be able to do all three?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think it’s great that you have discovered your passion in fashion. Obviously
you envision yourself doing something in fashion whether it’s creating it
marketing it or reporting on it.
That said I think the skills you need to do those three careers are all quite
different and while it makes sense to take classes in all three areas to absorb
as much about the fashion industry as possible its probably better to try and
narrow down your choices. Besides learning more about the industry the classes
might help clarify which specific path you want to follow.
I also suggest you work with a counselor and people in your network to attempt to
shadow one or more professionals in each of the career fields. See what a day in
the life is really like. If job shadowing is not possible you can at least conduct a
number of informational interviews with people working in these careers. By doing
one or both of these activities you’ll be able to ask people working in a job you
might aspire to how they got to where they are today — and that should help you
with your educational and career planning.
Assuming you are in school you should also consider one or more internships in
fashion marketing or journalism to help you narrow your career choices. And work
with a counselor to help narrow your choices — and find the best career path for you.
Consider starting a blog to write about fashion as well.
A pretty cool resource for folks interested in fashion careers is this section from Job Descriptions of
Cool Fashion Careers
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