How to Start a Business While in College

Neal writes:
I attend the University of Texas at Dallas and I am about to become a junior. Over the past few weeks I have really had a sudden urge to start up a business so that I can build equity gain experience money etc. and not to mention starting your own business looks extremely good on your college resume for grad school! With that being said I really do not know how and where to start. I have a couple ideas but they are just ideas. For example one idea is actually opening up and running a stall at the local farmers market where I would sell freshly made smoothies. But I have been trying to think of a business that has potential for large growth. It seems like the more I think about the costs and losing time the more scared I get. So I guess I am just trying to find a way for someone to guide me through the process.

The Career Doctor responds:
I’d suggest seeing if you can get involved with an organization for college entrepreneurs like Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) or Enactus. Your school is large enough so you probably have a chapter at your school of one or the other — and if not you could start a chapter.

You could also look into some area small businesses and approach them about interning apprenticing shadowing or informational interviewing.

Finally be sure to read our article College Offers Fertile Ground for Starting a Business and check out our Resources for College Entrepreneurs.
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