How to Research Salaries

Brian writes:
I read your articles on salary negotiations and they are very informative.
They have helped me understand quite a lot about this process. I am
currently involved in salary negotiations with a company. In your article
you suggest getting as much information as possible and researching
salaries. Where would I begin to research salaries? Any information
that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

The Career Doctor responds:
First kudos to you for doing your best to prepare for this
delicate and often misunderstood aspect of job-hunting.
Just remember that the ultimate goal of salary negotiation is that
everyone leaves it satisfied — both the employer and you feel the
offer is a fair deal.
If you are the final candidate standing then you have a lot of
power in negotiating the best offer for you. But you’ll have even
more power — and respect — if you back up your requests with
solid research on salaries for your profession and location.
The best sources? Many professional associations and industry
groups conduct annual salary surveys so start there. There are
also several online sources such as that can give
you solid information.
Finally don’t forget that salary is just one part of your total
compensation package and often employers are more
willing to negotiate non-salary issues.
Remember to check out all the tools and resources we have in this
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