How to Pursue Two Disparate Jobs at Same Company

Anonymous writes:
I have just completed my bachelor of business administration with majors
in management and finance. I’m interested in positions in human resources
(primarily) but there are also positions in finance that interest me. I’ve created
different versions of my resume that target the two career fields each
highlighting relevant experience and accomplishments and I’m tailoring my
cover letter to particular positions as well. But now I’ve found two distinct
positions that both interest me and they’re at the same large company with
the same contact person.
How might I gracefully pursue both jobs?

The Career Doctor responds:
First kudos to you for understanding the importance of developing
different resumes to target different positions.
In this situation unless the person is one of your network contacts I
don’t think it would be well-received to try and go for both positions.
Employers generally want someone who is focused and knows exactly
what he or she wants. However if you knew the person — s/he were part of your
network then I think you could use the relationship to bridge it. And of
course if there were two different contact people you might go for both
(though even then it can get a little dicey).
So my best advice for this situation at least is to determine the position
you most seek the one that interests you the most and that you can most
demonstrate that you are “perfect” for — and go after it with gusto and leave
the other position in the dust (for now unless the situation changes or if you
build enough rapport with the contact person to casually ask about the other
one)… but your primary strategy should be to focus on one for now.
And by the way I have found it more and more common that younger job-seekers
do not want to be boxed into one career field one career choice — and that’s fine.
But I also think it’s important to find the one thing you are truly passionate about
and build your career around that. Business grads often focus too much on
salary and while we all need to make a living being miserable in a job that
pays well still results in you being miserable.
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