How to Leave Job Gracefully

Anonymous writes:
I really need some advice… I tried to give 2 weeks notice at work today and the
boss got angry and then came to me with a list of all the things that he was going
to do to make my job easier… Was I talking to a wall??
I’m 51 years old; my husband has MS and can’t work. I qualified for college
waivers and loans and I now have a chance to finally pull us out of a very
LOW income bracket. I will make more money going to school 4 hours a day
five days a week and will be training for a rewarding career that will not involve
being on my feet constantly nine hours a day.
My employers are of a different nationality. I feel like I’m being duped. I don’t want
to leave with hard feelings. What is your take on this situation? It seems like I was
actually talking to a wall…
ANY advice would be appreciated!

The Career Doctor responds:
First congratulations on envisioning a better future and moving ahead with
that vision. I wish you the very best of luck on pulling yourself out of the low-wage
basement. Education — whether college training certification — is the best path
for moving away from low-wage jobs.
I also commend you for wanting to end this current job on a positive note and I
encourage you to keep trying. But whatever you do do not let your employer’s
tactics stop you from following your dream.
I suggest you put your notice in writing… even if now it is only a week’s notice.
(By the way two weeks notice is just an average; in some professions it best
to give more and in others it best to give as little notice as possible.)
Bottom line… walk out the door when you had planned regardless of whether
your employer is happy about it or not. In the worst case you are moving to a
new field and you will not have to have a reference from this employer.
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