How to Handle Request for Salary Requirements

$_RequirementsAlicia writes:
When an job ad asks for your salary requirements do you just type on a separate page in one sentence (I will accept a beginning salary of $25000)?

Where should I include this statement – in the cover letter or on a separate page?

The Career Doctor responds:

Not that my opinion really matters but I really hate employers who ask for salary requirements. And you know why they do it right? It’s purely a screening device to weed out people who would work for below the salary range and those who would only work at a salary way above the salary range.

The key for you is to try and do some research and get an idea of the salary range of the position. If you can’t find the range for that particular company you should try and find the average for that type of company or industry. A wonderful Website that organizes and categorizes salary information is

Once you have an idea of the range the next step is deciding whether you would be willing to work for that salary – and whether your work history would support you making that salary range. You can read more salary-related tips and advice in Quintessential Careers: Salary and Job Offer Negotiation Tutorial.

Finally to really answer your question you simply put a sentence in your cover letter stating that your salary requirements for the position are $xxxxx. If you simply are unsure you can also state in your cover letter that you are flexible in your salary requirements but know that some employers will still screen you out with that statement.
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