How to Format Salary Requirements

Renee writes:
I was interested in how to format salary requirements after your resume
is finished. If you can please send me an example of how this is to be
formatted it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
The Career Doctor responds:
First and foremost remember that you never want to put any kind
of salary information on your resume.
However if an employer asks for a salary history then you should
develop one that matches the look of your resume (using the same
header as your resume). In fact just a reminder that all your job-search materials — your cover letter salary history references sheet thank-you letter etc. –
should be consistent matching the style of your resume.
Basically the format of a salary history is starting with your current position
and working backwards your job title dates of employment company name
and location and then salary. You have two options for listing your salary. You
can list starting salary and then your current salary or you can list the salary
range. Obviously for job-seekers in sales you may want to include base salary
commissions and bonuses.
And remember to be honest about your salary history because some prospective
employers may even ask for paystubs.
Of course I dislike employers who ask for salary histories because my belief is
that you should be paid for the job you are going to do (regardless of the increase
from your last job).
To see a few examples of how to format a salary history go to:
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