How to Find the Job That’s Right for You

Nicole Carlson writes:
I’m 19 years old. How do I go about finding what’s right for me? I have tried several things and they are not what I want. What should I do?
The Career Doctor responds:
Nicole here’s what you should do:
First take a look at your strengths and weaknesses. I know this idea sounds a little abstract so take a look at the classes you liked high school and at the things you like
doing in your spare time – hobbies activities etc. Also take a look at the jobs you’ve had – was there anything about them that you liked? Then take a look at the classes you did not like in high school and at the jobs you’ve had and why you haven’t liked them. From these exercises you should have an idea of things you like and dislike doing – and probably things you’re good at and things you’re not so good at.
Second go to the Career Assessments section of my Website. These assessments are designed to help you further discover the things you like and dislike and to suggest what types of jobs and skills sets may be best for you.
Third reflect on these first two steps and see if you can see a direction for your next job/career search. Remember that jobs and careers are ever evolving so any path you take is likely to change – and the best thing you can do is keep growing and learning – and getting prepared for that change.


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