How to Find an Executive Recruiter

Kelly writes:
What is the best way to search for an executive recruiter? I have been contacted by search firms in the past but have not kept a record of who they were. Now I am in a situation where I would like to look for a new career opportunity and don’t know where to begin. Can you offer any suggestions on how to find an executive-search firm to help me in my new job search?

The Career Doctor responds:
There are any number of methods to finding good executive-search firms.
My all-time favorite place on the Web to find recruiter is Oya’s Directory of Recruiters with recruiters organized by specialty and by location. It’s an extremely useful service. You could also try the National Association of Executive Recruiters where you can also search by specialty and location.
Offline sources of recruiters include your network of friends and colleagues (especially those with personal experience) your industry’s professional association(s) and even a phone book or chamber of commerce directory.
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