How to Find a Certain Type of Employer

S. G. writes:
We live 60 miles from a large city. My husband is applying for jobs nationwide
with not much luck. My question is: Should we move to an area that has more
publication positions available? If so can you tell me where to find information
on publishing companies location?

The Career Doctor responds:
You raise an important question for any job-seeker who either lives in a rural
area or who desires to work for specific types of companies not located where
he or she lives.
First let’s address the issue of job-hunting and researching companies. Since
your husband has a specific set of skills for a specific type of company you
need to conduct research on where these companies are located. Because of
my background whenever someone says publishing I think of magazines but
there are many types of publishing companies. My first suggestion is to
develop a list of companies and locations. Contact the industry trade association
and see about getting a membership directory. For book publishers contact the
Association of American Publishers; for
magazine publishers contact the Magazine Publishers of America. For other types of publishers you can easily find a
trade association by using for example You can find even more
resources in our Guide to Researching Companies Industries Countries.
Second there’s the issue of a long-distance job-search. Since you live some
distance from potential employers your husband is going to need to work harder
and smarter to locate employers willing to discuss job possibilities. Once you’ve
identified a set of companies the next step is getting the name of the hiring manager
at each company; do not settle for someone in human resources — you need the
name of the hiring manager. If the companies are concentrated in a few locations you
might consider planning trips to these locations — where you can do further research
and go on job interviews. While it is always easier to search for a job where you live
I would strongly caution against relocating without having any kind of job offers. You
can read more tips in our article New
City New Job: How to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search

One final suggestion about methods for researching employers. Our article
Employers through Informational Interviews
takes a unique approach to conducting
employer research — and includes some great strategies and tips for gathering in-depth
research about prospective employers.
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