How to Dress for Interview for Manual-Labor Job

Keith writes:
Hi and thanks for your advice.
I have a job interview in a few days with UPS and I’m applying for a
position which is of manual labor. How should I dress for the interview?

The Career Doctor responds:
You always want to dress to the position. So I would advise being sharply
dressed in what I call business casual… dress shirt slacks nice shoes.
You do not need a suit but you do need to look clean responsible. All
workers of a company reflect the image of the company so the interviewer –
even for the position you are seeking — wants to see someone who fits the
UPS mold.
If you had the time of course I would also suggest checking either the
UPS career site and/or contacting the human resources department and
asking about appropriate interview attire. I am amazed at some of the great
advice and suggestions companies are placing on their career sites but I
wonder how many job-seekers actually take advantage of this resource.
For example UPS has a great career site including a detailed FAQ (frequently
asked questions) section which includes this paragraph: “If you have been
advised that you will be touring the UPS facility remember to wear casual
slacks or jeans and a sturdy closed-toe shoe (no-sandals or open toed
shoes) in order to tour our facility. Please do not bring any personal items
such as cell phones or pagers. Also do not wear any jewelry articles such
as rings watches necklaces or earrings.”
Information is the job-seeker’s currency… and the more you know the better
prepared you will be so take advantage of all the resources available to you.
Certainly not all corporate career Websites will have as much great information
as the one at UPS but part of your role as a job-seeker is to take the time to
find multiple sources of information.
I still get amazed at hearing employers tell me how poorly many job-seekers
answer the question “tell me what you know about our company.”
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