How Teens Can Find a Job

HELP_WANTEDTeens_Hired_Here_-_CanvaErin writes:
I know I am still young only 14 but I am looking for a job.

I am not very picky; I just want a job so I can see if I want to develop a further interest in it.

I also don’t mind too much if the pay is not that high.

The Career Doctor responds:
Well Erin you have a good attitude about finding a job. And I think it is a great idea to start thinking about a job — as long as your family thinks it is okay and it doesn’t interfere with your school work. Most states even have laws limiting the amount of hours teens can work in a given week.

While you didn’t specifically ask about a summer job I have written an article for teens looking for summer jobs. The same strategies I suggest in that article can apply to you now. So I encourage you to go read A Guide for Teens: How to Find a Summer Job.

Best of luck.


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