How Sound Are This MBA’s Job-search Techniques?

Anonymous writes:
I’ve an MBA. How can I obtain suitable employment? Where are all the jobs that our government claims are available? I have been out of school for a year and have not been offered one full-time position paying a livable wage. Why?

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m not sure how to answer you partly because most of the things I’ve read and many of the employers I’ve talked with all point to strong demand for MBAs. I would suggest getting your entire job-hunting technique — including resume(s) and cover letters — evaluated by a professional such as the career placement office from the college where you earned your MBA.
Once you know that your job-hunting tools and techniques are sound I would suggest the following plans:

  • use the career placement office to locate leads;
  • if possible look beyond your immediate location especially if it is a small town;
  • join (if not already) one or more industry associations and network network network! For more tips on networking visit Quintessential Careers:
    The Art of Networking

  • join (if not already) one or more Internet discussion groups that are related to your professional interests and goals and network there;
  • visit search job openings and post your resume at one or more of the top job sites such as ours at Quint Careers;
  • visit one or more of the MBA-specific job and networking sites.
    You can find a list of them at College Grad Career & Job Resources.
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