How New Grads Can Develop Personal Brand

Taylor writes:
I graduated college last May and have a good job. I’m pretty happy at the moment but because
I sort of lucked into this job I feel very unsure of job-hunting. Someone told me about your
Website and it’s been a great help to me.
So my question is… How can someone fresh out of college develop his brand? I’ve read some of
the materials you have on branding on your Website but some of the advice seems more for
people more advanced in their careers than me.
Any suggestions?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think it’s fantastic that you are thinking not just of your current job but of your future career. And
developing your personal brand is a great way to move your career forward and achieve the success you seek.
Branding (some call it self-branding or personal branding when talking about individuals) is essential
to career advancement because branding helps define who you are how you are great and why you
should be sought out.
You can use this branding advice at practically any age from college students to top management. It’s
never too early nor too late to build and promote your personal brand.
Some readers might find it odd referring to a person’s career and professional reputation as a brand but
that is most certainly what it is. And just as marketers grow and promote their brands so you and I will
buy them so too must workers and job-seekers so that you can get promoted or find a new job.
The four most important elements to branding are: gaining experience and tracking accomplishments;
promoting yourself (to co-workers boss network); developing a Web presence so you will have
Googlability (ideally as an expert); and building lasting personal and professional relationships (beyond just
casual networking).
Find lots more useful branding resources and tools in this section of Quintessential Careers:
Personal Branding & Career Self-Marketing Tools.
And although geared to executives this post by Rita Ashley offers great branding advice that new grads can implement too.
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