How Many Requests to Include When Countering a Job Offer?

Tammy writes:
Your article on negotiating an offer package was extremely useful!! If you
have time I just had a few additional questions about a negotiation I am
currently pursuing.
I was offered a position that was only $1000 more than my current salary
and typically I would try for a much greater improvement. However since I
have inside contacts I know that the offer is about as high as they can go.
They have already come up once since I rejected an initial base offer that
was below my current base salary but I want to ask for a change in the
bonus structure as well as a change in the job title. I simply want “senior”
added to my title to more accurately reflect my experience in the industry.
Should I pad the request letter with other requests as well? Since these are
really the only two things that are important to me I’m afraid they will get
passed over in favor of other requests that are easier to meet.

The Career Doctor responds:
Every organization negotiates differently and every negotiating situation is different.
But you have a great advantage because you know people in the organization so
get their feedback about the corporate culture and this hiring manager’s views on
While you may think you have not done any negotiating the employer may feel that
when you rejected the initial offer you basically made your point about the
compensation. And generally speaking job-seekers are allowed one shot at making
a counter-proposal. Do not drag negotiations too long because there is often a
secondary candidate waiting in the wings.
So talk to your contacts. My sense is that since the employer reacted so positively to
your rejection of the initial offer that you are highly desired — and that you have some
flexibility to request a few modifications to the final offer.
The key with a counter offer is to first show your willingness to commit to the employer
if it agrees with your demands and then to document why your demands are reasonable
and in line with the industry.
Since the employer has already come up in salary I would not ask for anything more
in the counter offer than what you seek. And remember always to reinforce your
unique and positive contributions you will make to the employer.
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