How Interchangeable Are Job Titles?

Ruth writes:
I’m seeking an administrative assistant position and I’m confused as to whether my
current job title falls into the category. My current position is operations coordinator
which focuses in the area of fleet services warehousing and other duties. I possess
the skills of the administrative assistant but wasn’t quite sure if these two titles could
be interchangeable. Thanks for your help.

The Career Doctor responds:
I think job-seekers sometimes get too carried away with job titles.
It really doesn’t matter what your current job title is — as long as you
have the skills necessary to succeed in the job you are seeking in this
case as an administrative assistant. Employers do look at your past job
titles but what counts is not the title but the experience and the accomplishments.
My advice is for you to get the job listings/descriptions of administrative assistants
from a couple of different employers. Examine the qualifications they seek from
prospective employees and be sure your background accomplishments and skills
are a good fit.
Next develop a solid cover letter and resume that showcase the unique set of
skills accomplishments and experiences that make you an ideal administrative
Then when applying for these jobs be sure to speak to the specific requirements
of each employer showing how you meet or exceed each requirement. You should
be well on your way to an administrative assistant position.
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