How Can He Market Himself?

Ken writes:
I need your help to prepare for my next career and I know marketing is the
key and the right direction is the answer. Would you help me in this project?

The Career Doctor responds:
Developing a job-search plan — and then sticking to it — is crucial to the ultimate
success of all your job-hunting activities. A detailed job-search plan basically
comes down to a 10-step process:
Step 1: Make the Time/Emotional/Planning Commitment. Job-hunting is work
and you need to make the commitment to accomplish some job-search activity daily.
Step 2: Self-Reflection/Assessment. Take the time at the beginning of your plan
to reflect on your strengths and interests. Focus on activities you enjoy doing.
Step 3: Research Potential Careers Jobs Employers. Information is power so
take the time to research career and job information especially if changing
careers as well as to gather information on prospective employers.
Step 4: Develop a Self-Enhancement Action Plan. You may need to get further
education or training to make the jump you want to make; now is the time to plan for it.
Step 5: For New Grads or Career-Changers Get Experience. All employers want
experience so if you are new to a career field get experience first through internships volunteering or part-time employment.
Step 6: Prepare a Balanced Job-Search Strategy. The majority of jobs are filled
through networking so place most of your energies there but don’t ignore the
many other traditional and online methods of job-hunting.
Step 7: Hone Key Job-Search Marketing Tools/Skills. Your key job-search tools are your cover letter resume and interviewing skills. Be sure to have these tools as polished as possible.
Step 8: Never Stop Following-Up. Continue to show your interest in employers by
contacting them about the progress of the job-search. Just don’t cross the line to annoying.
Step 9: Make Adjustments As Needed. Things change in life and you may need
to make adjustments to your plan along the way. Be flexible.
Step 10: Do All the Little Things. It’s the little things in job-hunting that are remembered
such as thank-you notes and other common courtesy. Stand out from the crowd.
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