How Can He Add Value to His Candidacy During Decision-making Process?

Thomas writes:
I came across your excellent website (Quintessential Careers) and found it
very informative. I would like to
ask your advice on a recent situation regarding an internal position for which I
have applied.
I submitted my application and had what I thought was in general a successful
interview. After the interview I followed up with an email outlining my interest
thanked the panel for the opportunity and restated how I believe I would be the
best candidate for the role.
I have been advised that it will be about two weeks before a final decision is made.
My main question is how I could add value during this time so that my impression
at the interview is still fresh given that more than 20 candidates have applied internally for
this one high-profile position.
Being an internal position there is also an informal process where managers put in
“a good word” for certain candidates. How appropriate would it be to ask my
manager to speak with the hiring manager? I did have a conversation several months
ago and this recommendation was offered should I consider applying for an internal position.
On a final note should my current position change during the hiring process or I
receive additional responsibility or accolades is it appropriate to make the hiring
manager aware of this by email.

The Career Doctor responds:
You ask all the right questions here and since you are asking them
in a certain way I am sure you already know how I am going to answer them.
First regardless of whether it is an external or internal position the job-seeker
is always on a marketing campaign to convince the hiring manager that s/he is
right for the job. For internal positions it’s a bit different because you already
have a reputation — a reputation that has ideally been developed through your
excellent work and careful self-marketing.
Second kudos on writing the thank-you email. I do wonder if you could have
done something more formal but the most important thing is that you thanked
the panel and restated your position.
Third I think it’s very wise to think of creative ways your name can come up
so that you are not lost among all the candidates that follow. So my answer is
yes do both. Especially if your manager has a good reputation with the hiring
manager I would take him/her up on the offer. Please note: if the manager
had not offered I would not suggest going to your manager and asking for the
referral. And yes of course should you have a change or status or land a
big account — or anything else noteworthy — it is perfectly acceptable to
drop a line to the hiring manager with the update.
Best of luck to you. I think you have a great plan and are executing it well.
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