Holiday Job Sparks Interest in Retail

Robin writes:
customer-at-checkoutOver the recent Christmas season I was employed as holiday help and am still in the job through the end of January. I took this job on a lark but I have found I really have a knack for retail and working with customers and I want to get a permanent job in this field.

What can I do? What are my chances? Thanks for any suggestions.

The Career Doctor responds:
I think holiday work is a lot like temp work in that it’s a great opportunity for job-seekers to get a foot in the door. Yes most holiday workers are hired only with the promise of working for a certain amount of time but by making a name for yourself during those short months you are on the job you may be able to turn that holiday position into something permanent.

What are some tips for making a name for yourself?

  1. Be dependable. Know your schedule and always show up on time. Tell your
    supervisor that you are available in a pinch if there’s a need.
  2. Do the work. Show that you are not just working the job to make some holiday
    cash but instead there to help the company.
  3. Network within the company. Get to know all the managers — and make
    sure they know your strengths.
  4. Look the part. Companies like Abercrombie even admit to hiring people who look like their customers (like they belong at the store).
  5. Be the problem-solver. Whenever there is a problem that needs to be resolved volunteer to help solve the problem.
  6. Avoid the grapevine. Spending too much time gossiping about fellow co-workers is one of the sure ways to make a name for yourself – in the totally WRONG way.
  7. Don’t overdo the employee discount. Sure the discount is there for you to use – and it’s a great win-win to have the extra income AND get a discount just don’t go crazy with it.

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