High-School Teacher Wants to Change Careers

Jim writes:
I have been a high-school biology teacher for 12 years and am extremely interested in changing careers. I have a master’s in education (biology). I am willing to move just about anywhere and am extremely flexible and quick to learn new concepts. I am looking for something in the $40K range. (I’ve kind of established that level of living (or debt — depending on your perspective).)
Could you help me find out what kind of job I qualify for and what kind of companies or businesses are interested in individuals such as me?

The Career Doctor responds:
Jim before you do anything about your career you need to establish why you want to make a career change. Are you burnt out with teaching? What don’t you like about your current career? Once you’ve identified these dislikes you need to spend even more time examining what you like to do — not just in your current job but in your spare time at home etc.
Examining your dislikes and likes is just the first step of making a career change. You can read the other nine steps in my article The 10-Step Plan to Career Change.
There are probably numerous careers and jobs that might interest you and that you are qualified to do but please take your time with each of the 10 steps I outline in the article.
Best of luck.

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