High-School Student Seeks Part-Time Job

Katie writes:
I am currently a high-school student who desperately
wants a part-time job for after school and weekends. My mom says it’s okay as
long as I keep my grades up. I want to impress people when I apply for jobs so
even though I don’t think I need one I want to develop a resume. Can you give
me some pointers?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think it’s great that you are seeking a part-time job and I’m glad your mom gave you
permission to do so. There is a lot of evidence that shows teens gain a greater perspective
on working on careers and on time-management skills by working part-time while
attending school. But I also agree that school should be your main focus so don’t let
your work interfere with school or attaining the grades you need.
While you do not technically need a resume to find a part-time job it is helpful to do so
for two reasons. First you will stand out from all the other teens who apply for the
same jobs because the vast majority of them will NOT have resumes. Second a resume
is a document you will need the rest of your working life so you might as well learn
some good habits now on how to develop a resume.
The basic elements of a teen resume include: contact information job objective education and experience. If your resume is not a full page with these elements you can also include
these optional elements: skills and community service.
Do not use a template to develop your resume unless you are just not comfortable starting
with a blank page.
Remember to keep your resume focused on your objective (obtaining the part-time job)
and always always spell-check it and have at least one other person proofread it for errors.
It might also be useful to have a parent or other adult critique your resume and make
suggestions for improving it.
For more detailed help we now have a
teen resume writing
published on Quintessential Careers.

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