High-School Student Confused about Career Choices

Alma writes:
I am a high-school student and I am so confused
because I don’t know what career I want. I thought that I liked journalism
because I like to write. But I am not even good writing English. I really like
history and Spanish literature but I don’t know if there is any career that
includes those subjects. Right now I am taking my first semester of journalism
in school and I am getting into the school newspaper next semester.
But I don’t know if I really want to become a journalist.
Can you help?

The Career Doctor responds:
First let me state that confusion is okay. You don’t need to have your
whole life planned out while you’re still in high school. And even if my
advice brings you closer to a career choice the courses you take in
college may totally change your career choices… and that’s okay too.
Now is the point in your life to explore different paths. So take the journalism
class and write for the school newspaper. Writing is one of those skills that
can easily improve the more you do it. So since you enjoy writing keep at it.
Ask one of your English teachers for some extra guidance or tutoring.
Meanwhile do some research on careers related to writing history and
Spanish literature. Talk with your teachers and go to the library or online
and research those subjects. You’ll be surprised at how many careers
use the skills from these subjects.
You can also get a clue about what matters to you most by examining
how you spend your time. Make a list of the activities you do the most –
and that you most enjoy. Look for some common themes. For example if
you find you really do spend a lot of time writing whether in a journal or
poetry or whatever that should be a sign that writing really is important to you.
And by the way there are lots of career possibilities beyond just journalism
for people who enjoy writing.
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