High-School Senior Wonders About Career in Law

Lance writes:
I am a senior in high school. I am trying to sort of plan out my future in college and career. I would like to know if you could please give me some advice. I have always had the dream of being a corporate lawyer but my strongest skills are in mathematics and science.
I have taken career interest tests and they answer that law is the career for me but will I be successful? I also have interest in business management. My main question is what
undergrad courses would be most beneficial to take if planning to become a corporate
lawyer and what strong skills would be required for that field. I would greatly appreciate
any information you may have concerning my questions. I sincerely thank you for time.

The Career Doctor responds:
Lance the most important thing is that you are doing all you need to do. You are looking ahead to continuing your education through undergraduate college to graduate school and you are taking the time to ask experts their opinions…
I’m going to give you my advice — based on years of talking to students law faculty and lawyers — but I also suggest that you look at your personal network and see if you can meet with a corporate lawyer or two and conduct informational interviews with them. Solicit their advice about majors minors law school and law careers.
My best advice for you is to seek a multidisciplinary education focusing your studies in business communications (oral and written communications) economics math and information technology. Students who are planning to attend law school to become corporate lawyers often major in business administration or accounting. The reason you want a well-rounded education is because there is much more to being an attorney than the law. You should choose courses that will help you develop proficiencies in writing and speaking reading researching analyzing and logical thinking.
And while it is still early you can also start doing research on the top law schools for corporate law — and once you develop such a list go to each school’s Website (or catalog) and see the courses they recommend to best prepare you for law school — and for a career in law.
By taking advantage of all this advice you should be well on your way to a successful undergraduate career…even if at some point you decide to put off being a corporate lawyer for a while and pursue something else — you’ll have the skills to go in any direction you desire.


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