He’s Not Having Any Success with Resume

Mauro writes:
I read an article of yours — Resume
Critique Worksheet for Job-Seekers
— and found it very interesting. I have been applying for
quite a few jobs recently and have not had much luck getting interviews and I think this has a lot
to do with my resume. I know it can be improved a lot and was wondering if you could provide me
with some critique given your knowledge and experience. I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide.

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m sorry for your lack of job-searching success but pleased that you have taken
the time to analyze your situation and recognize that your resume is probably the
problem. Anytime you are not getting job interviews the problem generally lies with
your resume or cover letter. (It could also be that you are applying for positions for
which you are not qualified — or overqualified but let’s assume that is not the case.)
I was kind of stunned recently when the results of a recent online poll revealed that
almost 50 percent of business professionals thought their resume needed improvement.
I can only imagine how high that percentage would be for all job-seekers.
Your resume is one of the most — if not the most — crucial career-marketing tool
a job-seeker uses and yet as evidenced from the thousands and thousands of resumes
I have seen over my career many job-seekers just do not get either the importance
of the resume or simply do not put the time in that is necessary to produce a resume
that is going to result in employer interest.
Sometimes all it takes is some tweaking and minor adjustments but other times it is
best to start from scratch. How do you decide? Get your resume professionally critiqued. If
you are a college student or alum go to your college’s career services office. Or hire a
professional resume writer. Or even just ask some of the people in your network to
critique for you.
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