He Wants Out of Retail, But Where to Go Next?

Steve writes:
I am a branch manager for a large retail bank in New England. I have been in banking for 8 years and I have experience in various areas. My banking career started as a telephone sales representative (one year) transitioned to the Training Division as a training associate for new hires (three years) and transitioned again to branch retail banking where I worked my way up to manager of a very busy full service supermarket branch (four years/two years as manager).
Retail banking does not hold the same appeal for me that it once did. The hours are long and stress levels are high. The challenges offered in branch management just aren’t appealing. I feel like I am just a babysitter and that I am not using my skills to their full advantage. I would like to get out of retail and I am having trouble determining where to go and how to get there.
What suggestions do you have for someone in my position?

The Career Doctor responds:
Believe it or not a lot of job-seekers are in your shoes. We tend to get hired for one thing and as we get promoted or transferred — or switch jobs — we end up somewhere that either bores us or fails to challenge us and one sometimes a distance away from our career interests and passions.
You need to rediscover your career interests and passions. Sit down and make a list of the skills and experiences you enjoy — either in your work experience or in hobbies or volunteer work. Now make a list of stuff you never want to do again; things you dislike about your job. The next step is then discovering the types of jobs that match your skills and interests. If you’re having trouble — or just for some fun — you might want to take one or more of these career assessments.
Whether you’ll want to use any of your previous skills and experience you certainly have some solid experience that can be a great platform to build other opportunities. Keep in mind however that you may need get more education or training to accomplish your goals.
I also suggest you also read this article: Research Your Next Job by Targeting Your Preferences and Ideal Companies.
Finally I recommend you take advantage of the resources we have in the career change section of Quintessential Careers.
Just remember to take your time and relax…the more time you spend finding your ideal job the happier you’ll be. Best of luck.


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