He Needs a Physically Less Strenuous Career

Richard writes:
PainfulBackI’m 50 and have been in the trade of automotive repair including race-engine building auto restoration electronics and general service. As the years go by my poor older body is saying stop.

Everybody is telling me I should stay in my present trade but I have an urge to do something else at this point. My question is – having developed skills in many areas and being capable of demonstrating them in a professionel way what type of career should i focus? How would I be able to help myself in discovering where I fit and where would my transferable skills be of good use with out feelling like I’ve been run over at the end of the day

The Career Doctor responds:
I always believe people should follow their passions in the work they do but it sounds like you need to be willing to take a pay cut if you do so. As for discovering your next career I would suggest trying some low-cost/no-cost assessments listed here.

If you decide to pursue a different career a good resume writer can help you express the transferability of your skills.

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