He Does Well in Accounting But Isn’t Happy in the Field

Pete writes:
I have been reading your past blog posts and would like to seek your advice.
I have a post-secondary education in business with a major in accounting and am also a
credentialed accountant (i.e. CPA). After six years working in this field I have done well in
all the positions I have held and always have high praise from my managers/co-workers
but I find myself unhappy as most of the work does not interest me (i.e. either too easy
for me or too stressful). Do you think a career change is the answer to my problem?

The Career Doctor responds:
My cardinal rule of career coaching is if you are unhappy in your work then
it is time to do something. If you don’t the unhappiness will continue to
grow and spread not only to your job performance but also to your personal life.
I think many of us are smart enough and talented enough to perform well in multiple
types of jobs and careers the harder part is finding the ones that we’re both good
at and passionate about.
But before you consider changing careers entirely since you have a fair amount
invested into accounting perhaps you should first explore all options in your field.
It sounds like you have held jobs that are on opposite ends of the spectrum and
that you might be happy in the middle somewhere. Explore your options. Do you
have a mentor? A former accounting professor? Solicit advice.
If you’ve been a reader of my blog you know that I value people following
their bliss their passion. By conducting some quality self-assessment you may find
yourself looking at other careers that use your skills for numbers but you also may
find that while you have a knack for numbers that your passions lie elsewhere.
I’m also a big believer in everyone taking the time to have a “career weekend” annually
where you can assess where you stand — professionally and emotionally — whether you
have achieved personal career goals you set in your prior retreat as well as establish
new career goals for the year ahead. These goals can relate to any aspect of your career
from establishing plans for getting a raise or promotion changing jobs changing careers
going it by yourself (as an entrepreneur or consultant) or heading back to school.
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