Hard Time Finding IT Jobs?

Chuck writes:
I am currently enrolled in college for information technology. I am looking for jobs in this field but obviously to no avail. How can I gain to get a job in this field or how can I get an employer to go out on a limb to hire me?

The Career Doctor responds:
Kudos to you Chuck for realizing the importance of gaining practical experience to supplement enhance your educational learning — as well as to make you more marketable to future employers.
One of the biggest challenges college students face is gaining work experience before they graduate but the good news for you is that your field information technology is still in such demand (especially cheap college labor) that your challenge should be easier than many other college students with different majors.
Where can college students gain the necessary experience? Try these sources:
  • internships

  • summer jobs
  • campus jobs
  • entrepreneurial/self-employed jobs
  • temporary work
  • volunteer work
  • research projects
  • certification courses
  • campus activity positions
  • fraternity/sorority/social club positions
  • extracurricular or sports leadership positions
    This information comes from the Quintessential Careers Job Search 101 Tutorial specifically the Gaining Experience section. You can find more detailed information there about each of the above categories as well as many other strategies for best preparing yourself for the job market.