Handling Requests for Salary Requirements

Maria writes:
My husband is in the middle of trying to send out resumes wherever he might
find jobs. The problem we are having is trying figuring out how to send a resume with a cover letter when the company wants you to send them his salary requirement.
I looked into your web page but you have nothing for salary requirements. If you
could find a few minutes to help me with this question. What should he do?

The Career Doctor responds:
Reading between the lines of your question I think you have an even bigger
issue here. The first thing I think your husband needs to do is develop a
job-search strategy. Responding to job postings/want ads — whether online or in print –
is just not enough to successfully land his next job… or at least
not the best job possibility.
Besides job postings/want ads job-seekers should be utilizing your network of contacts –
friends family co-workers business associates etc. — to learn of new
opportunities. If you are searching for jobs in a specific area you should also
research and target a specific group of employers — whether they have any jobs
openings posted or not. And if you’re a college alum consider contacting the
career services office and the alumni office to seek help on job leads.
Once you have a larger set of job leads the next step is to make sure you
have a specific and tailored resume and cover letter going to each prospective
employer. Use some of the words they use in describing themselves and the
jobs… highlight the most important skills that each employer seeks. And be
certain to show how you are the perfect candidate for each position.
And for those job leads that request a salary requirement do your homework.
If possible find an insider in your network who works at the company. With
salary requirements employers want the inside track on what you feel you
are worth — sometimes giving you the under- or overqualified labels if your
salary is too far below or above the salary range.
Finally please do not list salary requirements on your resume but do address
them in your cover letter. Ignoring such a request will put your application at risk
(and possibly eliminate you from consideration).
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