Handling Current Boss When Seeking Internal Job Change

Valerie writes:
I’ve started a job search and actually have an interview TellYourBossscheduled in another department at my company that would better suit my talents. Problem is my current supervisor is required to be notified about the interview. If I don’t get the job she’ll know I’m job hunting. How would I handle such a situation and how do I tactfully approach her about the upcoming interview?

The Career Doctor responds:
I have a friend who works or AT&T which has a similar policy and I will give you the same advice I gave her. It is not always a bad thing that your boss knows you have outgrown your current position and are seeking new challenges and responsibilities. People are not supposed to stay in the same jobs forever – you are expected to grow and develop as new challenges change the way you do business or as you move up the management chain into higher management positions.

Having a supervisor know you are ready for such a change can be a signal for that person that he or she should be ready to move up as well.

Of course the whole thing could also backfire a bit. The first time my friend told her boss she wanted to interview for another positions within the firm the boss turned her down and blocked the transfer citing her as too valuable for his department. And while she did not get that initial transfer she also received more training and responsibilities in her current department which later helped her transfer out when an even better internal position became available.

So go tell your boss about the interview. If she is truly a good supervisor then she will support your efforts to continue your career – either inside or outside your firm.

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