Handing Salary Requirements Request

Karie writes:
Can you please tell me where I put salary requirements in an application by resume? (This information is required in the application process.)

The Career Doctor responds:
Karie first let me state that you need to determine your exact strategy regarding responding to the salary requirement request. Salary information of any kind is strategic information that you should guard carefully; never provide the employer with more information than you have to. In this case you need to decide whether you are comfortable giving a salary requirement. If you have inside information and know the range of the position — and are comfortable stating your requirement — then go ahead and do so.
A number of employers use salary requirements to sort (and sometimes eliminate) job-seekers. If you fall below the salary range you may be labeled as under-qualified and if you fall above the range you may be labeled as too experienced — or too expensive. If you do not provide a requirement however you also run the risk of being screened out because you did not follow the employer’s request.
Second let me first emphasize that you never want to put any kind of salary information — history or requirements — on your resume. Salary requirements — if you are going to state them — belong in your cover letter. Simply add a line to your cover letter that states something like: “My salary requirement for this position is $42000.” Other options include using a range ($40000 to $44000) stating your salary flexibility or stating that your requirement is a competitive salary.


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