Guidelines for Researching Companies

Anonymous writes:
Hi I am currently in my undergraduate studies and for one of my term papers we have to research 3 companies and come up with questions and answers to things that might be important to know before an interview. Do you know of any sources that would have a good number of things that are relevant and useful in a job search?

The Career Doctor responds:
Having knowledge about a company and the industry (or industries) it operates in is critical to interviewing success. Employers want job candidates who take the time to do a little research. A great place to start of course is Quintessential Careers: Guide to Researching Companies.
Questions you could easily research (partly dependent on whether you are researching a public or private company:

  • strengths/weaknesses of key industry company operates in;
  • key competitors in the industry;
  • recent news about the company (new plants takeovers etc.)
  • past quarter six-months or annual sales performance;
  • past quarter six-months or annual profits (or losses);
  • recent stock performance (if a public company).
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