Getting Out of Antiquated Workplace

vintageofficejpgEvonne writes:
I am currently working for in a behind-the-times office. No fax no updated copier and no computer.

I am have excellent skills in computer programs I went to school for computers.

I feel I am wasting my time and skills. My boss lied about getting a computer and I am ready to move on.


The Career Doctor responds:
I remember an almost opposite situation happened to me when I went to work for People magazine. I had been told that all the managers had state-of-the-art computers – and when I arrived I found that to be the case. The only problem was that for many managers their PC was an expensive paperweight because no one had thought about training.

In your situation you need to assess the complete picture and not just focus on the technology – of lack thereof. Do you enjoy what you are doing; are you making a good salary; do you have good benefits; do you like the work environment and your coworkers; is there room for advancement?

Other issues: How long have you worked there; can you afford to quit?

I think that if the job offers you opportunities to use and develop new skills that make you more marketable in the workforce – even without the technology – then you should stay. If there are too many negatives then start job-hunting immediately.
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