Geography Major Ponders Career Choice

Walter writes:
I am a B.S. geography major and I have had management experience at both McDonalds and UPS. What are some possible companies and/or positions
for which I might be best suited?

The Career Doctor responds:
Walter I guess my main question back to you is why did you choose geography as a major?
But I also have other questions: What kinds of things fascinate or excite you about geography?
And of course how can you combine your geography education with your management
experience? You need to answer all of these questions before you begin your job-search
otherwise you are going to end up being somewhat unfocused and frustrated at the experience.
Let me add one more insight before giving you some of my ideas. In many ways the
critical issue for you is that you are completing your undergraduate college education.
The bachelor’s degree is more important than the major — it’s a level of basic achievement
that most employers are now seeking. Of course having a degree in a specific field adds to
your skills and abilities in that area so getting a job in your area of study is a logical next step.
My immediate reaction to your email — of combining your education and your job experience — is
logistics. You can find great (and very detailed) career information on the field by visiting
A great source for information about careers for students who majored in geography can
be found at: Careers in Geography from the Association of American Geographers.
Finally other career/job possibilities for students who majored in geography include: business analyst map analyst land use analyst city/regional planner distribution/transportation analyst and many others. Some of the work is in government while others are in business.
For more information go to another of my favorite sites:
What Can I Do With a
Major in Geography?
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