Former Cop Regrets Career Change

Anonymous writes:
I worked as a police officer for 17 years then resigned to become a deputy in
a county jail facility. Needless to say it didn’t work out; that was approximately
1 year ago. After having many interviews and an attempt at a career change it
all seems in vain. Will I ever get a position that meets my specifications? What
move should I make next?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think the most important thing you need to do is find a day or couple of
days for a career retreat. What are your specifications? What do you want
to do with the rest of your working life? Are you burnt out with law
enforcement? What career are you now trying to change into — and what
have you been doing to help facilitate that change? So many questions –
that’s why you need to take some time away and do some career planning.
Your goal for this career planning retreat should be to finalize your choice(s)
for your next career with specific steps for how you are going to achieve the
If you are still searching for your next career you need to take time for
self-reflection and research. You need to really evaluate what you like to do –
at work at home in all your activities. You should also examine your
accomplishments and transferable skills. Once you have gathered all this
data on yourself the next step is researching career paths that match your
interests and strengths.
Once you have an idea of your next career move shift your
efforts to developing a plan that gets you there. Will you need more education or training? Will you need experience in the new field and if so how will you
get it? Does anyone in your network know people working in the field?
How will you grow your network to include people in the new career field?
Finally you’ll need to implement your plan. Be prepared for some bumps in
the road. Career change often takes time but with proper research and
planning it should be a little easier for you.
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