Follow-up Phone Calls After Applying Are OK

Janet writes:
Thank you for your helpful career advice!
I have a question about following up on job leads: If a job posted on the
organization’s web site requests 1) that you email in your application and 2)
“No phone calls please” I assume I should not call a week after emailing in
my resume and cover letter. I am assuming it would be better to email my follow-up.
What do you think?

The Career Doctor responds:
No no no. Yours is a common misconception among most of the job-seekers
I talk with. When employers state “no phone calls” they mean they do not want
to deal with initial applications or inquiries via the telephone — they want it by
email or via a job board (or less often by mail or fax).
However follow-up is a totally different issue altogether. I cannot stress enough
the importance of follow-up in job-searching.
All job-seekers — if you are really interested in the job — should stay in contact
with the prospective employer. It just does not make sense to mail email or fax
your application and then just sit back and wait for someone to contact you.
Instead take the initiative and follow-up. Following-up is important for a number of
reasons. First to make sure the employer received your entire application.
Second to show you interest and enthusiasm for the position. Third to learn more
about the timetable for when interview might begin.
I know of very few employers who would be offended by a job-seeker politely contacting
them about the status of their application. And those few who do get angry or annoyed?
You probably would not want to work for them anyway!
Just remember to be professional — and do not follow-up too often where you become
a pest.
Finally remember to always follow-up when you have good news to add to your application
such as a certification or degree a promotion or a major accomplishment.
To learn more read this article published on Quintessential Careers:
Follow Up All
Job Leads: Don’t Wait by the Phone (or Computer)


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