Follow-up Letter for Flight Attendant Interview

Agnes writes:
I need to know how to write a perfect letter after the first interview for the job of flight attendant.
Could you please send me some samples as soon as possible.
Many thanks for your help

The Career Doctor responds:
First as I tell all job-seekers who are smart enough to realize the importance of thank-you letters congratulations on helping yourself stand out from the crowd of other job-seekers who don’t bother to write thank-you letters.
Thank-you letters are fairly easy to write although there are variations to cover specific issues that may have arisen from the interview such as dealing with a negative issue or perceived problem. Your goal is simply to thank the employer (and be sure to send thank you letters to every person who interviewed with you) for his or her time to stress your interest in the position and your fit with the organization.
You’ll find some great samples by going to this section of Quintessential Careers: Sample Job Interview Thank You Letters. It may also be helpful to read this article written by my partner Katharine Hansen: FAQs About Thank You Letters.
Finally don’t forget that you can’t just sit back once you’ve mailed (or emailed) the thank-you letter. You also need to follow up with the employer after you send the letter being sure to express your interest and enthusiasm for the job and inquiring about the status of the job search.
Have more questions? Read our article The Art of Follow-Up After Job Interviews.
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