Follow-up If You Haven’t Heard After Interview

Oliver writes:
I had a interview with Pfizer for a pharmaceutical sales rep position three weeks ago
and the interviewer told me not to get impatient. She said I wouldn’t her anything for a few weeks. Should I start to worry? She told me that I did a really good job

The Career Doctor responds:
Call. Call now!
Does it hurt to call her? No! Don’t start calling every day but get on that phone and show your interest in the job and use the chance to make a statement that you are the best qualified for the sales rep position. The squeaky-wheel theory — as long as you don’t get annoying or abusive — really works. By calling and showing interest in the position you are showing your commitment to wanting the job.
Follow-up is extremely important in job-hunting and job-seekers must take initiative! By the way I assume you DID send her a thank-you letter or note following the interview right?
What are you waiting for? Make that call today!
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