Following Up With Employer That Provides No Contact Information

Debby writes:
How do you contact a company that does all its job posting online?
Resumes have been sent in no response received but there is no way
to contact anyone.
I know you say to contact the companies but can you tell me how to
contact a company that does everything online?

The Career Doctor responds:
Yours is a common question among those job-seekers who rely heavily on the Internet
for job-hunting and it’s a good question but before I answer it let me talk about job-hunting
in general.
Job-hunting on the Web has become an essential part of most job-seekers job-search
strategy and there is evidence (some contradictory) about the importance of it to
finding a new job. If you are using the Web heavily remember
to spend more time at company career centers than simply searching for job listings on job boards.
To me networking — both traditional and online — is still the most powerful tool of job-hunting.
Your network is simply your collection of friends family and professional contacts. The more
people in your network the more likely that one of them will hear of a great job opening that is
perfect for you. And just about all employers agree that a job-seeker recommended by a
current employee receives a longer look than one that has no such connection.
One of the biggest complaints about job-hunting online is that many job-seekers feel as though
their resume disappears into some cyberspace blackhole. That’s partially true — more like a
cyberspace database.
So what can you do? Assuming you have the employer’s name track down the postal address
and mail a hard copy of your cover letter and resume to the employer. If you do not have a
hiring manager’s name try calling the company to get it. The extra effort involved will pay
off tremendously for you.
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